Payroll and Benefits


Exempt Employees- faculty, executive, and professional staff who are exempt from overtime provisions are paid on the first day of the month for work performed from the first day through the last day of the previous month.

Non-Exempt Employees- Hourly employees who are eligible for overtime are paid every other Wednesday and will include earnings through the previous two weeks. The payroll week runs from Saturday of the first week through Friday of the second week. Payday is the following Wednesday.

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Summary of Employee Benefits

Group Health Insurance effective 6-1-2021:  

The University has group health insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Participants use physicians approved by the plan.
Sign up period – no later than 30 days from date of employment or during open enrollment period in June.

Base PPO Plan: (Individual $3,000.00 deductible medical plus co-pays/ $100.00 deductible prescriptions plus co-pays)

Current Premiums are: Total McM pays Employee
Employee only $648.95 $496.39 $152.56
Employee/Spouse $1,654.82 $872.77 $781.05
Employee/Children $1,304.39 $771.62 $532.77
Family $2,485.48 $1,473.08 $1,012.40

NOTE: Plan deductibles are on a calendar year not fiscal year.

On-Demand.Healthcare  (TeleDoc):

This is a service where you can reach out to a Doctor via telephone, for minor illnesses, instead of going to a walk-in clinic/emergency room.
Cost is $13.00 per month (includes Tele-Doc access for you and your dependents)

Term Life Insurance: 

The University pays 100% of the premium for term life insurance in an amount equal to one year’s salary (up to $50,000 subject to age reduction), which is carried through Lincoln Life.

Group Long Term Disability:

The University pays 100% of the premium for long-term disability, which is carried through Lincoln Life.  

Other Insurance Plans:

Other optional insurance plans are also available for employees and immediate family members.  The employee pays 100% of those premiums.  These include:

Critical Illness; Accident; Hospital Indemnity Plans through The Harford
Eye Care through Metlife Vision
Dental Care with or without Ortho through Met Life
Additional Life Insurance through Lincoln Life

Section 125-Cafeteria Plan through Discovery Benefits:  This allows you to tax shelter any unreimbursed medical or childcare expenses that you plan to incur over the plan year.

Retirement Plan:

To participate in the retirement plan, employees must contribute 1 % to 4.5% of their annual base salary to a 403(b) retirement plan; the University will then match then that percentage (1 % to 4.5%) contribution to the same plan.  Employees are immediately eligible.  The amount contributed by McMurry is vested three years after the employee’s date of benefit eligibility, for employees who have contributed to the retirement plan.  Employees have a wide choice of investment vehicles through the following companies:


Enroll on-line at
Employer code 366075     for enrollment assistance call 1-800-842-2888


Kristen Duncan at 1-972-598-0242;

Lord Abbott

Lane Miller, 325-698-5064




Ty Edwards, 1-800-774-0566

Education Benefit for Employees and Dependents:

The immediate family members of full-time faculty, staff and administration are eligible for Education Benefits at McMurry University.   Please check with the Financial Aid Office for the current benefit policy.
Financial Aid Office ext. 4713.

Vacation Leave

Years of Employment


Vacation Hours Accrued Per Month
FT   ¾  ½  ¼ 

 1 month- 7 years

 6.67 hours

  5 hours

 3.33 hours

 1.67 hours

 8 years -14 years

 10 hours

 7.5 hours

 5 hours

2.5 hours

 15+ years 

 13.33 hours

 10 hours

 6.67 hours

 3.33 hours

Holiday Schedule

Sick Leave

Sick leave may accrue to a total of sixty (60) days and sick leave pay may be drawn up to a maximum of forty (40) hours per week.  An employee is eligible for ten (10) paid sick days per fiscal year. 

For other miscellaneous employee benefit programs & services, please visit your Employee Handbook for a complete listing.